Jules Dupre
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Jules Dupre was a member of the Barbizon School of Painting, a group of French painters who worked from the early 1830’s to the 1870’s.  Boasting such artists as Narcisse Diaz, Theodore Rousseau, Constant Troyan and Jean Francois Millet, the group was primarily concerned with the depiction of landscape, influenced specifically by Dutch landscape painting of the seventeenth century and by the works of John Constable.

Jules Dupre, born in 1811, was the son of a porcelain manufacturer.  His artistic career began at his father’s factory in Parmain, where, at the age of twelve, he had the job of decorating plates.  When his father acquired another factory at Saint-Yrieix in Limosin, young Jules went with him, promptly falling in love with the landscape.  He spent the next few years exploring the countryside in the region, devoting his time to what he saw in paint.  He later went on to study painting with Jean Michel Diebolt, an Austrian who was a follower of De Marne.  Dupre began to see nature with a new awareness of its moods, preferring to paint alone and en plein air.  As an artist, he was particularly interested in bad weather, changes of light and sunsets.

Dupre exhibited at the Salon for the first time in 1831, and two years later won a second-class medal and attracted the attention of the press.  It was around this time that he began associating with the other members of the Barbizon school, traveling first to England where he met and was exposed directly to the painting of Constable, Turner, and Richard Parkes Bonington.  Dupre also painted in Normandy, Picardy, and Sologne, and traveled to the Landes and the Pyrenees with fellow painter Rousseau in 1844.  After the members of the Barbizon group grew apart, Dupre retired to Isle-Adam, returning to Paris for a few years at the end of the seventies.  He seldom exhibited his work in the later half of his life, opting more often to work alone and keep out of touch with his contemporaries. 

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