Joseph Weiss

Joseph Weiss was born in Paris, France in 1859. He was the son of John Frederick Weiss and Sylvie Marie Talbot.  After living in France during his childhood he moved to England and eventually becamea naturalised British citizen. He remained living and painting in Houghton, Sussex for the remainder of his life.

Weiss was a prolific and great painter of English landscapes in the style of the Barbizon School, mostly depicting scenes of the surrounding Sussex countryside. He exhibited at the Royal Academy and sold his paintings to a wide group of admirers, particularly in the United States. They are on view in galleries and museums in both countries. Worth noting, he was even better known as a great pioneer of aviation, an interest that he was as passionate about as his painting.

His work is part of the collections at various galleries worldwide including the National Gallery of Canada, Falmouth Art Gallery, Southampton Art Gallery, Kirklees Museum, Laing Art Gallery, City of London Corporation, Atkinson Art Collection, Museums Sheffield, Usher Gallery in Lincolnshire, Bradford and Worthing.

courtesy: Louise Kosman Modern British Art  Edinburgh