Henri Masson

Henri Masson was born in Spa Belgium in 1907.  Only in 1927, did he move to Canada with his mother.  Henri Masson would become interested in painting at the age of sixteen subsequently working at a printing studio concurrently with classes at the Ottawa Art Association and the Ottawa Art Club.

In 1935, Masson painted extensively throughout Quebec, including the Gatineau, the Gaspé, the Eastern Townships, and the Charlevoix region.  In 1942 his art gained in popularity and he slowly made painting sales, allowing him to leave his job as a printmaker.  He was still not comfortable with role as artist proper, so Masson chose to teach. First, in Kingston, summer classes at Queen’s University, and then in 1948 in Ottawa where he taught  art class for children at the National Gallery of Canada.  Following these teaching positions he would ultimately devote his efforts to painting.

Henri Masson’s works vary in subject matter and also medium. He has experimented with drawing, watercolours, pastels, inks and washes.  He died in 1996.