Cornelis Van Leemputten
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Cornelius van Leemputten began his studies of animals and figures, landscapes with sheep, and birds without formal training.Leemputten did become a pupil of the Academy of Antwerpen, but remained largely self-taught.Born in Werchter in 1841, he is predominantly known for his landscapes with sheep, reflecting the works of the French painter Charles Jacques.Leemputten participated in many national and international exhibitions.He received gold medals in Gent (1883), Edinburgh (1886), Port Adelaide (1887) and Berlin (1896).He received the Knight of the Order of Leopold in 1895.

The depiction of farm animals has a long tradition, particularly in Dutch and Flemish painting, but it was in the nineteenth century that it achieved notably widespread popularity, with leading artists of the genre including the Palizzi brothers, Friedrich Voltz, Heinrich Zügel, Rosa Bonheur, Thomas Sidney Cooper, and Eugene J. Verboeckhoven.All looked back, to some degree, at the seventeenth century example set by Paulus Potter, and artist who was held in high regard by the nineteenth century artists.Though part of a rural tradition, such pictures were often purchased by townsmen who had adequate funds, as well as nostalgia for the country.