Charles Olivier de Penne
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Charles de Penne was a landscape and animal painter, born in Paris in 1831.  He was a student of Leon Cogniet.  In 1857, after attending art school, he won the Rome Grand Second Prize with his painting “Jesus et la Samaritaine”, a subject inspired by Victor Hugo.

Charles deeply loved the forest of Fontainebleau, animals and hunting.  Under an apprenticeship to Charles-Emile Jacque, a painter and aquafortist from the Barbizon School, de Penne began rendering hounds and hunting scenes.  It is evident that de Penne had a marvelous understanding of their character.  Painting from life and regularly attended hunts involving hounds, the artist carefully watched his models. What resulted was a skillful rendering of the fluidity of a landscape with each dog's specific characteristics, like its pedigree, physiognomy and personality.