Dorf Im Winter
Oil on Canvas : 21 x 17 inches ( 53 x 43 cm )
Inventory # 10425

signed "E.Pottner" (lower right).

The title means Village during the winter.

Though he was born in Salzburg, Austria, Emil Pottner was a pupil of the Munich Academy under J. Herterich and P. Hoecker and therefore often referred to as German.

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Emil Pottner
German , 1872-1942

Born on December 10, 1872 in Salsburg, Germany, Pottner studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Munich under Johann Herterich and Paul Höckner. He was an avid painter of birds and nature, and sculpted more than 100 small figurines of birds. 

His works are collected in Europe and North America and can be found in Museum Georg Schäfer, Schweinfurt, Germany