That's life
Mixed Media on Paper : 18 x 24 inches ( 46 x 61 cm )
Inventory # 11660

signed and dated "Lheritier 86" (lower left)

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Regine Lheritier
Born in Paris, Regine Lheritier studied drawing and theatre in France. Upon arriving in Canada, she studied engraving and painting at the Saidye Bronfman center under Yehouda Chaki. She has been exhibiting in Montreal since 1977 and in 1979 was selected to participate in the Quebec Biennale II.

In 1982 Lheritier illustrated the eminent Quebec author Michel Tremblay's novel "Les Belles Soeurs", published by Editions Art Global, with eight original lithographs.

Lheritier's paintings rely mainly on her firm drawing skills, which then determine composition and colour scheme. When the human figure is the main subject, the viewer is presented with a clear statement: the figure is physically and psychologically well defined. In order to stress the emotional content of a painted situation, Lheritier also introduces horses, bulls and stands of tress, sometimes in the background and at other times as the main element. In all of her paintings, the artist embodies the subjects with free flowing brushwork. Controlled expressionism would be the term that best describes her style. It is the intrusion of drawing into the swirls of colour that temper the exuberance of the brush. Thus there is harmony between subject and execution. 

Excerpt from "Regine Lheritier: Sentimental Bodies", by Leo Rosshandler, A.I.C.A.

Public Collections
Stouffer Inns of Rochester NY
Crown Life Insurance
Imperial Oil
Musee du Quebec
Teleglobe Canada

Solo Exhibitions
2005 Odon Wagner Gallery, Toronto
2004 Galerie d'Avignon, Montreal
2001 Odon Wagner Gallery, Toronto
1997 Odon Wagner Gallery, Toronto
1996 Galerie Dorothe Chastel, Paris
1995 Espace Lheritier, Perpignan
1994 Parc de la Villette, Paris
1992 Galerie Frederic Stern, Paris
1991 Balle Alfred Pellan, Maison des Arts de Laval
1990 Waddington & Gorce Inc, Montreal
1989 Daniel Gallery, Montreal
1988 Dresdnere Gallery, Toronto
1987 Daniel Gallery, Montreal
1986 Dresdnere Gallery, Toronto
1985 Joyce Goldman Gallery, Toronto
1984 Dresdnere Gallery, Toronto
1983 Gilles Corbeil Gallery, Montreal
1982 Dresdnere Gallery, Toronto
1981 Gilles Corbeil Gallery, Montreal
1980 The Bronfman Centre, Montreal