Pastel on Paper : 16 x 13 inches ( 41 x 33 cm )
(Antonio) Gonzalez Collado
Spanish ,

(Antonio) Gonzalez Collado is widely recognized as a modern Spanish painter of dancers, clowns and opera singers, as well as landscapes of the Ile de France. He was born in El Ferrol (Galicia, Spain) on September 29, 1930, and was just six years old when civil war broke out in Spain. At thirteen, Antonio had to leave school for work, and it was in these formative years that he showed an affinity for drawing.
He left Spain at 17 years of age and joined his father’s business in the trade of leather goods while in exile in Tunisia, remaining alongside his father until 1956.  Collado’s passion for drawing never faltered and he was hired to execute set designs for various arts associations, and even exhibited his first works in these years.

Concurrently in 1955, he was sent to France to participate in a championship gymnastics tournament, and there discovered the magic of Paris and the Louvre, which prompted his return to France in 1956. A daytime occupation did not prevent Collado from attending evening classes at Montparnasse 80 (Les Ateliers des Beaux-Arts ). He also attended the Académie de la Grande Chaumiere.

In September 1959 he met his future wife, Evelyn Wavrant, a pastel painter, and the couple eventually had three daughters. In 1961, Collado began exhibiting in galleries in France and Japan.

Prix de Deauville
Médaille d’or de la Frette-Sur-Seine
Prix de la Municipalité - Salon de l’Isle-Adam
Médaille du Public - Salon de la Frette-Sur-Seine
Médaille d’Or - Salon du Parisis
à Conflans Ste-Honorine
IIIe Prix - 1er Salon de Pontoise

Selected Exhibitions
Salon d’Hiver
Salon des Artistes Français
Exposition particulière à Lille
Salon des Indépendants
Salon du Printemps
Galerie Walter Zehnder, Lens
Galerie d’Art Alain Darvel, Barbizon
Salon d’Enghien-les-bains
Galerie Roussard, Montmartre
Exposition à Rouen
Salon de Toile, Galerie Roussard
Galerie Bussière, Paris
Galerie Jannel, Paris
Galerie Marshall Field, Chicago
Salon de Corneilles-en-Parisis
Salon d’Herblay
IIIe Salon des Arts, Préfecture de Cergy, Pontoise
Galerie Guigné
Exposition particulière à Grenade, Spain