Venezia 14
Oil on Canvas : 45 x 32 inches ( 114 x 81 cm )

Signed "Marco Sassone" (lower right), and titled, dated and signed "Sassone" (on the reverse). 

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Marco Sassone
American, contemporary

The expressionist paintings of Marco Sassone have a distinguished lineage: in his early twenties he studied with Silvio Loffredo, a professor at the Accademia in Florence who had been the pupil of the great expressionist artist Oskar Kokoschka. Influenced by these artists, Sassone relies on a thick application of paint, which acts as the conduit for his remarkably poignant treatment of people and landscape. The artist, now living in Toronto, moved from Italy to California in 1967; there he developed a career rich in achievements and awards, including being knighted into the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic in 1982. Throughout his career, whether painting the homeless in California, the canals in Venice, or the streets of San Francisco, Sassone employs heavy overlays of intense color; his outlook is both visionary and painterly. The long years of work have not diminished his energies in any way—Sassone remains someone deeply connected not only to the craft of painting but as well to the felt quality of experience, which is found in his landscapes as well as his empathic portraits of people. Sassone’s concentration on his theme is borne out by the passionate force of his compositions, which often includes the immediate surroundings of the city he lives in. He is a painter for whom the primary impulse is intuitive, driven by his desire to identify with the people and views he paints.