Le Prince de Caucase
Oil on Canvas : 36 x 48 inches ( 91 x 122 cm )
Inventory # 15513

Signed "Leveille" (lower right)

"The eyes of wisdom, a portal to the essence of man."

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Jacques Leveille

Jacques Leveille was born and lives in Montreal. He is the grand-son of the Flemish artist Gewelt, and son of a commercial artist named Jean-Paul Leveille. He combines a traditional technique with a contemporary approach. Renowned art critics have compared his style to that of Flemish and Dutch masters of the l7th Century. In 2003 Leveille was elected member of the Royal Canadian Academy.

For the last 20 years, Leveille's work has featured in numerous exhibitions, solo and group shows. His paintings can be seen in various private and public collections. A powerful polyptych "Les Trois Temps" is exhibited permanently in the impressive hall of the McGill Tower in Montreal.When scrutinizing this impressive polyptych (13' x 13.5"). one can fully understand Xuriguera's words: "...we are not in front of stricto-sensu documents: every detail rendered meticulously, yet not asepticized, we are contemplating fascinating images, concepts that lure us deep into Leveille's dreams."

Honorary Member of the Institute of Figurative Arts, IAF 
Active Member of the Royal Canadian Academy, RCA

Selected Collections
Halpern Enterprises, Toronto
Leonard Edward, Ambassador of Canada, Tokyo
Nuno Bello, Consul of Portugal in Quebec
George McLaren, Vice-President, National Bank in Montreal 
Richard Gere, Actor, Beverly Hills, Ca. 
ICM, International Creative Management, Beverly Hills, Ca.
Polaris Consortium, McGill Tower Main Hall, Montreal 
Torn Muir, President, Maple Leaf International 
Harry Bell, President, Canadian Steamship Lines

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2010 Odon Wagner Contemporary, Toronto
2006 Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur, Montreal
2003 Berensen Gallery, Montreal
2000 Prince Arthur Fine Arts, Toronto
1999 Galerie Bernard, Montreal 
1999 Canadian Ambassy, Tokyo, Japan
1997 Outremont Art Gallery, Montreal 
1995 Maison de la culture Mercier, Montreal 
1992-1994 Mireille Brisset, Art-Artists, Montreal 
1990 Gallery of the Cultural Centre in Dorval, Montreal 
1990 Anima-G, Ministry of Communications, Quebec 
1989 Michael Fletcher Gallery, Soho, New-York 
1989 Maison Trestler, Dorion 
1988 Galerie Port-Maurice, Montreal 
1988 Maison de la culture la Petite Patrie, Montreal

Group Exhibitions
2012  Art Toronto with Odon Wagner Contemporary
2010 Villa Bagatelle, Quebec, including RCA Members
2008-2010 Art Toronto (formerly TIAF) with Odon Wagner Contemporary
2005 SAC, Papermill Gallery, Toronto, Oct 8 - 30
2005 IAF, Boreart, Granby, July 27 - August 21
2004 SAC, Ogilvy Tudor Hall, Grand Prize, Oct 14 - Oct 24 
2003 Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, RCA, May 28-30 
2003 Galerie Bernard, Montreal, March 22 - April 19
2003 IAF, Arts Centre Etienne-Parent, Beauport, May 4 - June 8 
2003 Galerie Madeleine C, Longueuil, Sept 
2002 Berensen Gallery. Montreal, May
2002 Ecomusee du fier monde, Montreal, May 31 - June 3
2001 Galerie des Arts d'Outremont, Sept 6 - Sept 30 
2001 Galerie Bernard, Montreal, Oct 20 - Nov 17
2001 Arts Centre Etienne-Parent, Beauport, March 4 - April 22 
2001 Gallery of Contemporary Arts, Montreal, Feb 18 -March 23 
2001 Contemporary Arts Fair, P1. Alexis-Nihon, Aug 15 - Nov 25
2000 Galerie Bernard, Montreal, March 8 - April 8, and drawings, Summer 
1999 Galerie Louise-Carrier, Levis, Sept 19 - Oct 6 
1999 Palais Montcalm, Quebec, March 10 - 28 
1997 National Arts Club, Grand Gallery, New York, Sept 4 - 28 
1997 Concours International des Jeunes Createurs, Nov 25 
1997 Palais Montcalm, Quebec, April 27 avril and Feb16 
1996 Palais Montcalm, Quebec, Nov 14 - 24 
1995 Galerie Van Gogh, Nuit des Peintres, Montreal, Oct 2 - 26 
1995 Galerie Van Gogh, May
1994 National Arts Club, Grand Gallery, New York, Sept 18 - Oct 2 
1993 National Arts Club, Grand Gallery, New York, Sept 12 - Oct 3 
1993 Mireille Brisset, Art Artists, Montreal, June
1992 Salon Figuration Critique, Grand Palais, Paris, France, Sept 8 - 20 
1992 Anima-G, Ministry of Communications. Quebec 
1991 Altinian Laing Gallery, City of Saint-Laurent 
1990-1992 Radio-Quebec Arts Gallery, Montreal 
1990 Anima-G, Ministry of Communications, Quebec, Sept Oct 
1988 Italian Cultural Centre of Quebec, Montreal

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Institute of Graphic Arts
Oil Painting, Ancient Techniques (Master Jacques Lajeunesse)