The Return from Shooting
Acrylic on Canvas : 45 x 59 inches ( 114 x 150 cm )
Inventory # 9187

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Thomas Gainsborough
British, 1727-1788

We are actively seeking to acquire paintings by Thomas Gainsborough. 

Thomas Gainsborough was born in Sudbury, Suffolk, into a family of wool manufacturers. Gainsborough studied in London with French painter, Hubert-Francois Gravelot. After his marriage to Margaret Burr and his father's death, he moved back to Sudbury in 1749 to purse a career in portrait painting. In 1759 Gainsborough moved onwards to Bath, which gave him access to many wealthy patrons for portraits. While in Bath, he continued to paint landscapes. He developed characterstics of his mature style that included feathery brushstrokes and imaginary pastoral compositions.

In 1768 the Royal Academy of London was established and Gainsborough was a founding member and by 1774 he had moved to London himself. However, after several years of disagreeing with the Academy, he stopped exhibiting in 1784. 

Although Gainsborough became one of the leading portrait painters of the later 18th century and found this genre more lucrative, he was innovative in merging figurative with landscape and thus instrumental in lifting landscape painting into a higher recognized genre of painting.  

Odon Wagner Gallery, Toronto, Canada