Deauville-Le Bassin
Oil on Panel : 10 x 13 inches ( 25 x 33 cm )
Eugene Boudin
French, 1824-1898

Eugene Boudin was born on the coast at Honfleur in Normandy in 1824.  He became familiar with the atmosphere of the sea which, along with the Normandy countryside, was the artist’s primary subject matter.

As a young man in Le Havre, Boudin worked with a stationer and framer who displayed paintings by visiting artists, circumstances which allowed the young man to meet established painters such as Theodule Ribot, Eugene Isabey and Constant Troyon, among others.  With advice and encouragement from these important painters, Boudin embarked on his own artistic career, eventually winning a grant in 1851 from the city of Le Havre to study painting in Paris for three years.  During this time, he did a great deal of work outdoors.  When Boudin returned to Le Havre, he embarked seriously on a career of Marine painting.  He traveled extensively in the area, painting scenes along the entire Atlantic coast, from Holland to Bordeaux.

At an exhibition of the Societe des Amis des Arts du Havre in 1958, Boudin met Claude Monet to whom he stressed the importance of working directly from nature.  At the end of his life he also worked on the French Riviera.  By 1859 he had achieved a style in the rendering of skies that henceforth excited the admiration of artists and critics, leading to Courbet to call him a “seraph”, and to Corot to coin the epithet “king of the skies”.  Boudin was an artist of great independence who made discoveries that foretold those of the Impressionists.  He shared with them a love of movement and the contemporary scene and a pioneering pleasure in working out of doors, though his palette is unusual in the predominance of subtle gray tones.  Eugene Boudin was the first Frenchman in modern times to carry the art of marine painting to the level achieved by the English painters Turner, Bonington, and Constable.  Indeed, he is considered by many to be one of the greatest painters of the sea.

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