Still life with teapot and fan
Oil on Canvas : 18 x 22 inches ( 46 x 56 cm )
Wang Weidong
Chinese ,

Wang Weidong was born in Shanghai 1963. Weidong was 4 eyars old when he was diagnosed with polio. It was through this physical handicap that he intended to find some talent to compensate with. Weidong was introduced to painting as a child by his uncle, a specialist in calligraphy. He was unable to play much physical activities and thus spent most of his childhood developing his painting skills. In 1979 he went to Datong Mining Bureau in Shanxi, where his parents work. He became employed but was not allowed admittance to the university due to his physical condition. By 1985, after many attempts, Weidong was accepted into the Fine Arts Department of Shanxi Unversity. He was later assigned to Taiyuan Art Academy and would become a member of the Institute of Chinese Oil Painting. Weidong is a member of the Institute of Chinese Oil Painting and the Union of Chinese Artists. 

"I love oil painting ardently, respect and admire the spirit, lofty realism and boundless creativity that the western classic masters had attained. The eternity and classicism of their works make me sentimentally attached, because the inheritance and following after of tradition is one of the prerequisite conditions for the development of painting. I have special partiality to my present style, which conforms to my sentiment and disposition- after meticulous obsercation of objects, devoting all my energies and feelings into relaying to the brushtips, such process makes me go into ecstasy of deslight. Life is not easy. Neither is the road to art. Time is long but life is short. Only with unbending determination can we achieve something." - Wang Weidong


1995 "Everlasting Memory" 1st Grade Prize, 12th Shanxi Provincial Art Exhibition
1994 "Residual Brilliance" Selected for Display at '94 Chinese Oil Painting Salon
1993 "Morning Sunlight" Prize of Excellence at '93 Pok Oil Painting Grand Competition
  "Landscape and Portrait" Selected for Display at Youth's Oil Painting Exhibition held by the Art Salon of Beijing at the International Art Palace
1992 "Monks in Banna Budhist Monastery" Selected for Display at 1992 Chinese Oil Painting Art Exhibition
  "Village Anecdote" Special Prize, Shanxi Provincial Art Exhibition
1991 "Back in the Dusk" 1st Grade Prize, Xing-Gang Cup Art Exhibition
1989 "Village" Prize of Excellence, 11th Shanxi Provincial Art Exhibition
  "Age Old Land" Prize of Excellence, 11th Shanxi Provincial Art Exhibition

Selected Exhibitions

2010-12 Art Toronto, Odon Wagner Gallery, Toronto, ON
2011 "Out of China" Three Contemporary Masters, Odon Wagner Gallery, Toronto
1998 "Out of China", Odon Wagner Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1996 Autumn Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Oil Paintings, Malaysia
  Solo Exhibition, Beijing
1995 Solo Exhibition at Shanxi Provincial Exhibition Hall
  "Memory" exhibited at Third Annual Exhibtion of Chinese Oil Painting
1994 Eighth National Art Exhibition sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Union of Chinese Artist