Still a Child
Bronze : 20 x 6 inches ( 51 x 15 cm )
Claude Hazanavicius (Sculptor)

Claude Hazanavicius was born in Sancerre, France, in 1939.  He trained and worked as a sound recordist at Radio et Television Française in Paris where, in 1967, Hazanavicius was recruited by the newly established National Film Board of Canada in order to help develop their sound department in Montreal.  Accompanied by his wife, Anne-Marie and their son, Marc, the family immigrated to Canada.

While employed by the National Film Board of Canada, Claude Hazanavicius worked on a number of important Canadian films, including Claude Jutra’s “Mon Oncle Antoine,” Jacques Godbout’s “X13,” and Francis Mankiewicz’s “Le Temps d’une Chasse” and “Les Beaux Souvenirs”.

In 1980, Hazanavicius left the NFB in order to pursue his own path in film and television.  Work on major film and documentary projects led to a number of Genie, Gemini and Jutra Awards, particularly for his work on “Quest for Fire”, “Time of a Hunt, “Les Filles de Caleb”, “Blanche” and “Seducing Doctor Lewis”. 

Though Claude Hazanavicius continues to work in film and television, his strong desire to create has lead him to explore many other artistic paths, including drawing, printmaking, ceramics, and sculpture, a medium that has held his attention for the last years. Though he is relatively new to formal exhibiting, Claude’s work has been widely collected by members of the film and television industry over the years.  Actors, directors, producers, screenwriters and technicians based in Hollywood, Paris, Montreal and New Zealand are among the many collectors. 

Claude Hazanavicius’s work has been exhibited at Studio 261, Galerie Clair Obscur in Montreal and since 2005 at Odon Wagner Contemporary.

Artist Statement 

“The figures I make teach me who I am and often, they recall parts of my life. Although without faces, the figures are charged with emotion and memory. In this universe, we find ourselves.  Figurative, yet abstract, they are stripped down to the elemental - simplified and magnified by absence. My goal is to be faithful to the core meaning and emotional memory of moments that inspire my work.  Pablo Picasso said, I do not seek, but rather, I find.  For my part I do not try, but I find myself. 

Nous ne sommes que memoire et mon intention est de lui etre fidele. Les personnages que je faconne m'apprennent qui je suis et souvent me font rememorer ce que j'ai vecu. Ils apparaissent tels des souvenirs imprecis sans visage mais charges d'emotions. Des formes que le temps a erodees comme fait parfois le vent sur des sculptures trop fragiles. Je ne cherche pas je trouve disait  Picasso. Quant a moi, je ne peux que dire, je ne cherche pas je me retrouve.”


Solo Exhibitions

2011 Odon Wagner Contemporary, Toronto, ON
2009 Montreal Champetre (Organised by Arts Council of Quebec/Organisee par le Conseil des Arts du Quebec), Montreal, QC
2008 De bronze et d'emotion, Galerie La Corniche, Chicoutimi, Montreal, QC
2006 Histoires Courtes La Galerie du Victoria Hall, Westmount, QC
2004 Odon Wagner Contemporary, Toronto, ON
2003 Solitudes La Galerie du Victoria Hall, Westmount, QC
2002 L'Ordre Moderne Galerie Clair Obscur, Montreal, QC

Group Exhibitions

2012    Art Toronto, Odon Wagner Contemporary, Toronto

2011    Art Toronto, Odon Wagner Contemporary, Toronto