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Le pot de Vallauris
Oil on Canvas : 32 x 40 inches ( 81 x 102 cm)
Inventory # 16645

Signed "Boncompain" (lower right)

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Pierre Boncompain

Pierre Boncompain was born in 1938 in Provence, France. Encouraged by his parents in his pursuit of the arts, he graduated first in his class at the French National Academy of Decorative Arts before moving on to the National Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied in the Leguelt atelier.

Boncompain's work is always celebratory, presenting the pleasures of life with a Mediterranean vividness. His paintings, executed for the most part in Paris, are evocative of the environment and lifestyle of the south of France. He displays a wide combination of modern influences, combining a radiant and joyful Mattisean clarity of light with a simplicity and arrangement of form. The vibrant and earthy colors of these works; terracotta, ochre, rich purples, deep redsand blues, elicit memories of Gauguin's Tahitian paintings.
Pierre Boncompain has had exhibitions in museums throughout the world, including: the Musee de Lille; Kajikawa Foundation, Kyoto; Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris; Takashimaya Museum, Osaka; Singer Foundation, Holland; Navio Museum, Kyoto; Ambrosiano Library, Milan; and one-man retrospective exhibitions at the Shanghai Art Museum, China and the Musee de Valence, France.
Awards and Prizes
1970 Selected for the Friends of the Museum of Modern Art (Paris) Charles Pacquement Prize
1970 Critic's Award, First Prize
1963 Collioure Prize
1959 General Council of Drome Prize
Selected Solo Exhibitions
2012 Odon Wagner Contemporary, Toronto
2009 Odon Wagner Contemporary
2008 Teen Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2007 Galerie Mark-Peet Visser, Laren, Holland
2007 Galerie Horizon, Geneva, Switzerland
2006 Galerie des Remparts, Bordeaux, France
2006 Hammer Galleries, New York
2006 Galerie Sakura No Ki, Tokyo, Japan
2006 Galerie Artfrance, Paris
2006 Galerie Mark-Peet Visser, Laren, Holland
2005 Galerie Artfrance, Paris
2005 Galerie Kwai, Hong Kong, China
2005 Musee de Valence, France
2004 Hammer Galleries, New York
2004 Galerie Sassi Milici, Vallauris, France
2004 Galerie Mart-Peet-Visser, Heusden, Holland
2004 French May Exhibition, Hong Kong, China
2004 Galerie Artfrance, Paris
2002 Hammer Galleries, New York
2002 Ambrosiano Library, Milan
2002 Emiliani Gallery, Dieuleft, France
2002 Retrospective, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2001 Elliot Yeary Gallery, Aspen, Colorado
2001 Galerie Artfrance, Paris
2001 Singer Foundation, Laren, Holland
2000 Galerie Sassi-Milici, Vallauris, France
1999 Hammer Galleries, New York
1998 Musee Navio, Kyoto
1998 Galerie Artfrance, Paris
1998 Museum Palais Carnoles, Menton, France
1997 Singer Museum, Holland
1997 Bruton Street Gallery, London
1997 Galerie Kajikawa, Kyoto
1996 Hammer Galleries, New York
1996 Bruton Street Gallery, London
1996 Kijiawa Foundation, Kyoto
1996 Meitetsu Gallery, Nagoya, Japan
1996 Foret Noir Gallery, Takamatsu, Japan
1996 Miyuki International Gallery, Yokohama, Japan
1995 Galerie Sassi-Milici, Vallauris, France
1995 Ryoke Spiral Gallery, Tokyo
1995 Bruton Street Gallery, London
1993 Galerie Artfrance, Paris
1993 Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo
1993 Ikaw-Saito Foundation, Japan
1993 Musee de Valence, France
1992 Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo
1992 Gion Sanjyo Gallery, Kyoto
1992 Takashiyama Museum, Osaka
1991 Kajikawa Foundation, Kyoto, Japan
1991 Art-Center Gallery, Tokyo
1991 Moustache Gallery, Osaka
1991 Ryoko Spiral Gallery, Tokyo
1990 Galerie Artfrance, Paris
1990 Retrospective, Chateau de Chenonceau, France
1989 Art Center, Tokyo
1989 Kajikawa Gallery, Kyoto
1989 Wattis Gallery, Hong Kong
1988 Exhibitions in Tokyo, Kyoto, Sendae, Kobe, and Ashiya, Japan, organized by Gion Sanjyo Gallery, Tokyo
1988 & 1986 Galerie Bellefontaine, Lausanne, Switzerland
Selected Group Exhibitions
2006 Art-Expo, Geneva, Switzerland
2005 Art Fair, Hong Kong and Shanghai, China
1992 Chefs d'ouevre de l'estampe du XXieme siecle de Bonnard a Baselitz, Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris
1991 Art-Expo, Los Angeles
1988 Saga, Grand Palais, Paris
1988 Art-Expo, New York  
1981 Galerie BP, Brussels, Belgium with Wilfredo Lam, Agam and Max Ernst
1965 100 Paintings, Chateau de Tournon, Ardeche, France
1965 23 Painters of the School of Paris, Museum of Lille, Lille, France; Gallerie Guiot, Paris; Marshall Gallery, Chicago
2005 Boncompain: Paintings, Fragments Editions, Paris
2005 Catalogue, Musee de Valence
2002 Ceramiques, text by Dominique Sassi, Fragments Editions, Paris
2002 Catalogue, Shanghai Art Museum
1999 Le Cantique des Cantiques, Fragments Editions, Paris
1998 Catalogue, Musee Carnoles, Menton, France
1998 Catalogue Raisonne, Lithographs, Editions Kajikawa, Japan
1997 Les Lieux d'Origine, text by Georges Borgeaud, Fragments Editions, Paris
1993 Monograph, Editions Kyoto-Shoin, Japan
1986 Monograph, text by Georges Borgeaud, Edition Bellefontaine
1963 Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Paris, Atelier Leguelt
1961 National Academy of Fine Arts (the Leguelt studio), Paris
          Lycee Emile Loubet, Valence, France
          Saint Joseph College, Avignon, France