The New Pupil
Oil on Canvas : 10 x 14 inches ( 25 x 36 cm )
Inventory # 12129

signed "C.Hunt" (lower right)

Provenance: Private collection, Toronto

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Charles Hunt
British, 1803-1877

Charles Hunt was a well-known British artist of genre scenes.  Although he frequently exhibited at commercial galleries, it was not until later in life that Hunt presented paintings to the Royal Academy of London. Hunt painted humorous, sentimental compositions including classroom scenes and children at play.  The public infatuation with pictorial depictions of children made him very popular.  The roots of this sort of genre painting are found in the late eighteenth century with artists such as Jean-Baptiste Greuze, Sir Joshua Reynolds, and Sir Thomas Lawrence.  Their subjects exhibited a self-consciously charming mischievousness.  These types of subjects were highly desired in the international art market and still find worldwide appeal today.