Paysage d\'Ete Animee
Oil on Canvas : 36 x 50 inches ( 91 x 127 cm )
Johann Klombeck
Dutch, 1815-1893

Johann Klombeck was a landscape painter who joined the Dresden Academy in 1851 and the Berlin Academy in 1856. His paintings are also held in public collections around the world including the Cincinnati Museum of Art and The Art Institute of Chicago.

Eugene Verboeckhoven was the preeminent animal painter of the Romatic School who was also known to paint landscapes and portraits. In 1845 he joined the Belgian Academy as a renowned animal painter. He specialized in the depiction of cows, horses and sheep. His paintings are held in public collections world wide including the Berlin National Gallery; Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam; Wallace Collection, London and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Both Klombeck and Verboeckhoven would collaborate on paintings. These collaborations, like ‘Pastoral Landscape’, featured the best of both artists with Klombeck contributing the delicately painted landscape setting and Verboeckhoven adding his characteristic figures and animals.