The French Maid
Oil on Canvas : 22 x 13 inches ( 56 x 33 cm )

signed "F. Soulacroix" (lower right)

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Frederic Soulacroix
French, 1858-1933

Frederic Soulacroix was the son of the well-known painter and sculptor Charles J. Soulacroix.  As a youngster he was given the opportunity to see much of Europe as his family moved frequently. He lived in Rome, then in Boulogne-sur-mer France (where his father painted frescos of the cathedral), followed by Paris, and eventually Florence, Italy.  At the age 15, Frederic entered the “Academia di Belle Arti” in Florence and in October of 1876, he was admitted to the “Scuola di Pittura”.

An artist who enjoyed enormous success during his lifetime, his paintings were mainly for private customers coming from the US, England, Germany, South America and Canada.  An exceptional observer, Soulacroix paid great attention to minute detail in his work. 

As his paintings exemplify, the artist captured the finest elements of texture, luster and reflection and rendered them with meticulous technique.  The sheen of the damask wall-covering, the furnishings (the settee and period gueridon), the polished finish of the marble floor, and the life-like rendering of the sitters jewelry evoke thoughts of the richness of the Empire era.

Frédéric is very often confused with his father Charles. Frédéric’s signature is however unmistakable: his works are always signed F.Soulacroix - generally in red - whilst his father  always signed C. or Ch.or Charles Soulacroix.