Indira Roy Choudhury - Trias Gallery
Acrylic, oil, japanese pigment, ink, gold foil on board : 40 x 32 inches ( 102 x 81 cm )
Viktor Mitic

Viktor Mitic's 2008 work "Hole Jesus",a portrait of Jesus created by firing 22-calibre bullets at a canvas from an M14 rifle, was displayed at Toronto's Trias Gallery and attracted tremendous media coverage. Mitic told the Biggs Museum of American Art that he was inspired to create the work after an art dealer told him his work ought to be more 'penetrating'. 

"Screw Harper", Mitic's portrait of Canadian PM Stephen Harper made with screws, was featured in an exhibition titled "Art or Deconstruction" in Pages Bookstore, Toronto. His first show in Japan at Muramatsu Gallery in Tokyo was supported by Canadian and Serbian Embassy in Tokyo 2008. In 1995 Mitic has finished painting a portrait of Hon. Jean Chretien and has met Mr. Chretien in December of the same year at the Prime Minister's office in Ottawa for the official presentation of the portrait with the support of Hon. Jean Augustine, MP from Etobicoke-Lakeshore. 

In 2009 Viktor Mitic joined Odon Wagner Contemporary, which will exhibit his famed "Blasted Guernica" at Art Toronto (TIAF).